Oddly enough, the question I get asked most out of everything on Instagram, is how I do my hair. And it’s usually when I post photos of me with soft curls or “romantic curls” as some people refer to them as. So I’m going to give you guys some step by step instructions, and if you’re still confused I can post a tutorial later. First of all, you’re going to need a GOOD hair straightener- good hair straighteners are expensive, but completely worth it. Not only do they work much better and are easier to use than the cheaper brands. But they last for YEARS! When I say years I mean a good 5-6 years. I used to use a GHD, but I’ve been using the Evy iQ One Glide lately, and it works perfectly for curls and straightening.
The plates actually contain 24-carat gold for smoother glide (faannncccyyyy), and what I really love about this hair straightener is, instead of drying your hair out like a lot of other hair straighteners can do, it uses minerals in the plates to hydrate your hair, and help protect it from breakages, which is brilliant news for me considering I kill my hair with bleach every couple of months! I’ve actually noticed a massive difference in the feel of my hair after using it for the past few weeks!
So to get a soft curl look, it’s super easy, it just takes a bit of practise! I curl my hair in three layers to give it a bit more depth- when doing this, make sure you are curling your hair all the same way, if you curl each section in a different direction it’ll give you a completely different look! Once completely curled, brush your hair out with a soft brush, then flip your head upside down and hair spray the crap out of it! (Note: don’t freak out when you look in the mirror because your hair will look like an afro!) then I just use a comb or a brush to brush the curls down a little, and once I have the look that I am after, I hair spray it again, and voila! Like I said, I will try to post a tutorial later on how to physically do the curls, but for now, give it a go yourself! Practise makes perfect! To check out more info the Evy straighteners and stylets, just jump on their website