Welcome to AquaBaci

Hi, I’m Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta, the founder and creator of AquaBaci. As a former hair stylist and salon owner, everything I do is for the love of hair and I do it with passion. AquaBaci provides the highest quality in styling tools, hair care products and customer service, and we strive to deliver to you professional premium brands and tools specializing in ultimate hair hydration.

EVY PROFESSIONAL is the culmination of decades of experience, expertise and a true passion for beautiful, healthy hair. Each EVY PROFESSIONAL product delivers a kiss of hydration for the love of fabulously healthy hair. The EVY range is all about giving stylists and consumers the very best and most technologically advanced hair tools that work to hydrate and promote hair health while styling. In the essence of hair health and beauty, it was an easy and natural progression for AquaBaci to distribute:

EVOX - the concept of hair rejuvenation therapy makes it more than a product – it’s a lifestyle! It’s innovative and powerful; leaving hair strong, luscious and healthy. A world-first utilising a cryogenic system to deliver FIBROLBAST to the hair and repair, regenerate and reactive cell proliferation within the hair.

Evolution Keratin LLC – a never before experienced groundbreaking Hair Smoothing Therapy System utilizes the strength of nature and the power of technology to provide balanced yet superior care products. The result of this devotion is beautiful, healthy hair for everyone.