Every EVY PROFESSIONAL product is created by stylists for stylists

offering a touch of affordable luxury and unmistakable panache.

Welcome To EVY

Hair is an extension of who we are. It defines our confidence. It is our crowning glory.  Luxuriant locks that are healthy and shiny boost confidence and self-image.
EVY Professional is a hair range that understands the pivotal role that hair plays. Created by stylists for stylists, it is all about starting with the basics and making sure that hair is strong, healthy and vibrant…getting those elements right on hair extends to those same qualities in ourselves – women and men who feel strong, healthy and ready to take on the world! EVY Professional is a complete hair tool and product range created for the love of hair. It puts the ultimate hair tools into your hands to empower with hair that is healthy, shiny and uber-stylish.

Created By Stylists For Stylists
EVY Professional has been created by Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta, a hair stylist come product developer and CEO of AquaBaci – meaning water (Aqua) and kiss (Baci) in Italian.  This is at the core of every EVY Professional product – a kiss of hydration for the love of healthy, fabulous hair. For Bazzano-Lauretta it’s also at the heart of her company: “Everything we do is for the love of hair and we do it with passion.” Bazzano-Lauretta, entrepreneur, understands what today’s men and women want. And, as a stylist who owned her own salon for many years, she has honed into exactly what stylists, as well as the women and men at home need, to create hair that is hydrated, healthy and easily styled to perfection.

Hair Hydrating Technology
It all started from post volcanic minerals from a remote region in Japan, where for centuries locals have enjoyed the benefits of strong, healthy hair and youthful skin. EVY has taken these highly beneficial ionic generating minerals and infused them into their hair tools. Not the first hair tool range to tap into these powerful minerals but most certainly the first to feature an impressive 32 hair hydrating and strengthening minerals along with added features. Other hair tools may feature 1-2 minerals at most! So what do these post-volcanic wonders do for hair? They impart negative ion and infrared energy, which work to micronize or break up water particles so they are better able to penetrate the hair shaft. The result is pure inner hair hydration. It is hair that is shiny and healthy, even if you use your EVY tools  frequently. No more dry, brittle hair from overuse of dryers or irons. Hair heaven has arrived.  

The Technology

MINERAL INFUSED TECHNOLOGY Every EVY PROFESSIONAL product uses our unique Mineral Infused Technology for the ultimate styling experience. While some products incorporate one or two minerals, ours are infused with an extraordinary blend of 32 minerals. Sourced from one unique place in Japan, our rich post volcanic minerals have long spoilt locals with healthy skin and beautiful hair. Now, EVY brings this luxurious hair experience to you. This amazing natural resource of 32 minerals generates negative ion and far infrared energy, micronising water into fine particles that penetrate hair with more power than ever before. The result is pure inner hydration that leaves hair healthy, shiny and lustrous looking.