Nature, technology and innovation come together

Discover in-salon treatments by NANOMAX

Thanks to advanced technology, the N-Gravity system is capable of penetrating the internal structure of the hair, rebuilding and restoring both the internal and external hair fibres. Compared to conventional systems or treatments, N-GRAVITY provides faster and superior reconstructing and cosmetic properties to hair than has ever been possible before. The N-GRAVITY + Therapy transforms the hair, rebuilding the internal natural structure, whether straight or curly, providing energy and vitality to any hair type.

NGravity Brush

It is the first natural treatment for hair, applied through an incredible mist of natural micro-proteins. KERATIN PROTEIN, PROTEIN OF NATURAL SILK, SOY PROTEIN, QUATERNIZED HONEY, SUGAR CANE AND BAMBOO POWDER and ROOT of KUDZU guarantee 100% healthy hair. Furthermore N-gravity is Silicon, Alcohol, Colour and Perfume free, ensuring N-Gravity does not damage the hair fibres.

The Nanomax Microsystem projects a stream of compressed oxygen through a capsule, causing the molecular breakdown and micronizing the liquid treatment into powerful micro-mist particles.

The Green Energy brush system emits a wavelength of 555 nm, carrying the mist of micro-proteins even deeper into the hair.


The N-GRAVITY SYSTEM is available in two different treatments: N-GRAVITY EXPRESS (deep conditioning) and N-GRAVITY+ (a hair repair treatment).

Two natural treatments with excellent results. N-Gravity Express is a fast and easy service (just 5 minutes per application), to help maintain a healthy appearance of hair locking in colours whilst adding superior shine and silkiness. Lasts up to 5 washes.

N-gravity+ rejuvenates and rebuilds the hair, with longer lasting results due to the two Phase application; the first phase works in the cortex and the second phase on the cuticle. This treatment is reconstructive and will last up to 5 weeks.





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